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Serving Alabama’s #1 Agricultural Industry

Welcome to the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association.

We strive to assist you with our one goal — to produce the safest, best-quality poultry and chicken products possible.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association is to serve the common interest of the Alabama poultry industry through education, communication, research and public affairs involvement.

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Poultry Producers

Poultry producers are the backbone of Alabama’s poultry industry. Nearly 2,400 poultry producers spanning over 49 counties producer 22 million broiler chickens on a weekly basis ranking Alabama second in the nation of broiler production. There are four table-egg producers in Alabama, with approximately 1.2 million birds.

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Poultry Processing

Alabama has 18 processing plants and 17 further processing plants throughout the state contributing toward the $15 billion economic impact of the state’s poultry industry. Alabama’s Poultry industry employs over 86,000 and generates more than 65% of the state’s agricultural commodity sales, annually.

Alabama Poultry Education Teaching and Research, seminars, resources

Poultry Education

Poultry Education is top priority for APEA, company supervisory and producers. APEA partners with Auburn University and National Poultry Technology Center for continuing research and learning opportunities. APEA also host yearly workshops for company personnel and growers to attend.

Alabama Poultry Policy, Legislation, Regulations, laws, and representation

Poultry Policy

Alabama’s poultry industry speaks for itself, but APEA ensures political leaders are aware of the importance of the poultry industry within the state. We work with other agricultural associations and government agencies to develop strategies about bills that affect the industry.

Poultry News & Events

Stay in touch with industry news, upcoming events, and government programs.