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About The Alabama Poultry & Egg Association

The poultry industry in Alabama has more than a $15 billion impact on the state and represents 1/8th of the state’s economy. The revenue generated from the poultry industry is in turn re-invested in financial institutions, used to purchase vehicles, homes and groceries. In fact, most of the revenue generated is spent at the local level. The poultry industry is one of the largest industries in Alabama, responsible for some 86,000 jobs and producing over one billion birds each year.

AP&EA is dedicated to serving those companies and individuals that make up Alabama’s poultry industry. AP&EA strives to promote fair taxation and utility rates, environmental stewardship, membership development, safety and health, product promotion, adequate transportation, continuing industry education and public relations.

What We Do


We represent more than 2,500 family poultry farms, 10 processing companies and more than 100 allied companies in Alabama’s most important agricultural industry. Poultry represents 65.6% of Alabama’s agricultural income and providing jobs for more than 86,000 individuals.


Internally, we’ve increased membership correspondence and continue our bimonthly magazine publication, Alabama Poultry. We also invest in direct mailers to spread news and causes to members and non-members, and strive for increased positive media coverage of the industry.


We are leading the efforts for the new Auburn University Poultry Research Farm. Encouraging and supporting the Alabama Avian Health Advisory Board to continue to find ways to prevent and control diseases that do and could affect our poultry.

Public Affairs

We continually educate the political leaders and the general public of the importance of the poultry industry in Alabama. During the legislative sessions, we hold weekly meetings with the other agricultural associations and government agencies to discuss and develop strategy about all bills that affect poultry and agriculture. We Also meet several times during the year with these same groups to work on agricultural issues that affect the poultry industry.


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